Is a Bernese Mountain Dog right for me !!!

Quick tips:                            A Bernese Mountain Dog may be for you, if you:

* Want an Active, Loyal, dog that likes to work

* Want a large dog

* Don't have allergies or problems with shedding

* Can live with a potentially short life span

* Can invest time to be with and train them

Is a Bernese mountain dog right for you?

Temperament: A pure bred dog will be consistent with the breed and hence, will allow families to make an informed decision anout how they'll fit into their family. Still, it needs to be understood that dogs, like people, are individuals an temperaments do vary. The Bernese Mountain dog Standard states, "The Bernese temperament is one of the breed's strongest assets. Consistent, dependable, with a strong desire to please. Self-confident, alert, good-natured. Attached and loyal to human family; may be aloof or suspicious with strangers, but never sharp or shy."

Their strong desire to please means they are happiest when working, and with their people. Hence they may not be appropriate for people who work long hours and can't spend time with them. Generally, the significant caregiver will be their favourite and training and socialization are needed for them to be well adjusted in the family and household.

Size: Bernese Mountain dogs are considered large dogs and weights of 80 to 120 lbs are not unusual. Dogs 24.4 - 27.6 inches ( 62 - 70 cm); bitches 22.8 - 26 inches (58 - 66 cm). Height is measured at withers. The stocky, well-balanced appearance is considered a must.

Coat: The Bernese Moutain Dog's coat is wonderfully soft to touch but if shedding or allergies are an issue, do not get a Bernese Moutain dog. They need regular ( weekly) grooming and have a tendency to matt under their ears.

Exercise: Bernese Mountain Dog need moderate amount of exercise

Health: The Bernese Mountain Dogs live an average of 7-8 years. Some die younger and many live into their teens, but generally the breed is not considered to be long lived. They're also affected by orthopedic and other issues, as are most large dogs. For additional informations please refer to the following:


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