The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario is a non-profit organization dedicated to the breed of dog known as the Bernese Mountain Dog by educating members and others in the care and training of the breed; by encouraging responsible breeding to the betterment of the Bernese Mountain Dog; by bringing the attention of the public to the benefit of the breed; and by fostering fellowship among Bernese Mountain Dog owners, breeders and fanciers.

Lost BMD Alert Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario

NEXI IS BACK HOME!!!! Nexi has been secured and is home safe after 12 days on the run.
Female Bernese Mountain Dog wearing a collar with ID Tag, Microchipped 110 lbs
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Events & Announcements

Application For Membership

If you are interested in joining the club, need more information or need an application form mailed to you, please contact Jenni Rose at
895 Maple Ave, Unit 630, Burlington, ON L7S 2H7

Membership Fee

  • Single membership: $25
  • Double membership: $30
  • Associate/Subscription Membership: $25
  • Breeder sponsored membership
    (for single membership, breeder paid submissions only): Free
  • Foreign memberships, add $10 to the above fees

Application Forms

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